“I can not put into words how wonderful you have all been and what a wonderful first start in life you have given to both of our children. Where has the time gone? Looking back the main reason I chose Hessle Pre School Nursery was because I felt it offered a small family environment. This is indeed what you have provided for both our children and I cannot thank you enough”.

“Thank you for taking care of Daisy when she has been with you, she has always enjoyed every day at nursery and we have enjoyed hearing her stories about her days there and the staff. We cannot believe that we will no longer be making the journey to and from nursery when it has been part of our daily routine for the last 7 years! Thank you and keep up the amazing work”

” I have been very impressed with the nursery. We always feel welcome and are greeted by friendly staff every morning. Since my son has attended the nursery I have noticed his confidence grow around others, he plays happily with the other children and most of all, how good his speech has become over the last few months. The staff who have looked after my son since he was nine months old have been fantastic and they have always listened to our wishes and looked after our son with care. My son is nearly two and I look forward to all the new skills he will learn and progress with by attending the nursery.”

“Both my son and daughter have attended Hessle Pre School Nursery and Hessle ACES out of school Club; as full time working parents we would have been lost without this setting. The care, love and attention the children receive is second to none. I love the homely atmosphere and the fact that the nursery fits around the child’s needs and requirements, not the child having to fit around the Nursery’s. The children learn through play and I feel during these formative years, the nursery has helped with all skills required to make them into well rounded, bright and enthusiastic individuals, ready to face the new and exciting challenges in life. I would recommend the Nursery and out of school club to anybody wanting excellent quality childcare.”